Regular activity exposes the organization and the users to physical and cyber threats-audio leakage, spoofing, malware or data leakage. GlassSphere has developed ahybrid service to address such challenge. We propose to our customer a full set of services to detect and eliminate any threat to their privacy. GlassSphere proposes physical and logical sweeping as well as the detection and elimination of threats.

Physical Sweeping

The physical layer is designed to detect every type of eavesdropping device in offices, whether active or passive, internal or external. The solution is designed to monitor and inspect all kind of network traffic and identify data leakage, malware and spyware. With regards to the offices, we are proposing to conduct our inspections to meet the individual needs of your establishment at a convenient time to ensure maximum confidentiality. The in-depth bug sweeping of your offices will help identify any threat passing information and audio or data recording on any frequency and contains the following:

  • A full radio spectrum search for radio transmitters up to 13 GHz.
  • Telephone and communication systems inspection.
  • Examine the electricitymainsto determine if listening devices have been planted.
  • Search for dormant transmitters and other hard-wired devices.
  • Telephone and communication systems inspection.

IDS, DLP and Logical Sweeping

The logical inspection includes network monitoring and traffic inspection to detect any transmission to unrecognized destinations combined with processes, file manipulation and forensic inspection. We are proposing to inspect cellular phones and computers so as to identify abnormalities or unknowns transmissions. We have included an intrusion detection system, Artificial Intelligence (A.I), SIEM tools and modern SOC display.

  • A full network traffic inspection – to identify abnormalities and unknown destinations.
  • Upon detection of abnormality – Forensic check to identify the source of the transmission:
    1. Forensics of mobile phones to detect present and past installation of spyware, malware and other threats using Cellebrite UFED.
    2. Forensics for PCs using system logs, Elastics, Kibana and artificial intelligence.

Glass Sphere provides the needed equipment with the service.
Our team of analysts and inspectors includes IT experts and security analysts, operating at the highest professional standards using the most advanced equipment.

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