The Vaultis a GlassSphere solution designed to supply secure,anonymous communication for surfing the web and cyber security when dealing with files and executables. It protects users when using local email software like Outlook, when downloading files and takes care of persistent threats, fishing attacks and ransomware. The solution can be supplied as a cloud-based service with on-prem rugged endpoints oras a fully autonomous On-Prem solution.

The Threat

Whether it is a foreign government, a competing business, an everyday hacker or a majorsocial media influencer–all are interested in the confidential information you make available while communicating. The latestgeneration of malware and phishing attacksare targeting web browsers and posing a huge concern for many enterprises. Not only that the browser is the most utilized applicationin many organizations, the browser is the ultimate attack vector as it literally executes code delivered from third party websites. 

Attackers are using specially crafted, malicious websites to exploit browser vulnerabilities and infect endpoints thus stealinguser’s confidential information, infecting their files and posing a threat to the organization. Further to the above-mentioned threats, GlassSphere users need an off-line access to files,off-line and local email system as well as password management to securely surf the web. Most of today’s files includes XML code and macros which are gate ways for different exploits.

The Solution

With the new GlassSphere platform,you are fully protected. The solutionis built from two differentsub-layers,the Spear which deals with surfing treats and the Vault which deals with files and executables. GlassSphere utilizes several different technologies and services to address each of the threats and attack vectors posed by attackers and hacktivists. For surfing-solution anonymizes one’s activity and simultaneously runs one’s surfing in acontained GlassSphere environment, giving the user the ability to “look”atthe data but keeping them safe from any associated infections. In order to mitigate the risk involved with file handling, we have extended the Spear features to include the Vault, to also supply different file viewers with online viewing of files(containers and sphered),as and box with 3

leading engines to filter and reconstruct infectedfilesas well as acookies server to ease accesstoonline services and much more. The solutionalsomonitors user’s traffic and searches for abnormal behavior with the most advanced SIEM toolsin addition to using online web security intelligence series solutions provided by leading 3rd party companie.

  • Start at the endpoint
  • Anonymity
  • Glasssphere server
  • File viewer
  • Mail Relay
  • SandBox and File Downloader
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