For cars, meeting rooms and as a mobile solution or for ad hoc meetings, GlassSphere proposes a voice jamming solution to prevent meeting recording and cellular call recording.The VOB prevents cellular phone, digital recorders and eavesdropping devices from recording the conversation or meeting by jamming the microphone and denies audio recording.

The Need

Businesspeople and organizations are a target for information theft, hacking and are exposed to the risk of their meetings and phone calls being recorded and monitored. A recording can be generated from the permanent installation of listening devices, installed by inside personnel or maintenance personnel, an ad hoc installation of bugging devices by visitors on a casual meeting,

where the other party records  or transmits the audio from the meetings using their cellular phones or digital recorder. When it comes to car bugging, the risk for business people and organizations is bigger as the vehicle is often left unattended, allowing personnel and third party enough opportunities to perform along-term installation.

The Solution

In order to address the risk of data and privacy loss involved in meeting recording,GlassSphere has come up with a microphone jamming solution.The solution sends energy encapsulated in an ultra sonic wave, at different frequencies, to push the microphone out of its working boundaries. The solution vibrates the microphone in to a saturation stage, hence denying it the ability to capture the audio.The solution prevents cellular phones, digital recorders and eavesdropping devices from recording conversations, helping the user keep their information and discussions private.GlassSphere has taken the solution one step forward and alongside to the off-the-shelf products family, it offers custom design for the housing to fully embed it in a room to look and feel natural, using an house modeler and new 3D printing technologies.

The solution’s main features include:

  • Mobile or fixed solution. For fixed installation or for Ad-hoc meetings.
  • Large coverage area, modular unit to cover different areas in the protected zone.
  • Decorative design for meeting rooms.
  • Grid or battery operation for long working hours.
  • Sweep of 2 different ultrasonic bands.
  • Multiple direction coverage to “illuminate” areas
  • Custom housing design to align with meeting-room architectural and furniture designs
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